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Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Narrative Text : The Little Red Hen (part 2)

The Little Red Hen (part 2)
  "Not I," said the goose.
       "Not I," said the ox.
       "Not I," said the pig.
       "Then I will do it myself," said the little red hen to her three friends.
       The little red hen walked a long way into the village. The what she did. She did not complain once, though the wheat was heavy while she pulled her wagon of wheat behind her.
       When she got to the village, she went to see the miller. "Will you grind this wheat into flour for me?" asked the little red hen.
       "Yes, surely," said the miller. "This wheat will make enough good flour for bread for all your chickens."
       The miller ground the wheat into fine flour and put it in a sack. Happily the little red hen set out for home in her wagon, for now she had a large sack of flour to make bread.
       When the little red hen came back to her house, her three lazy friends were waiting for her. She showed them the flour.
       "Now I shall bake some bread from the flour," said the little red hen. "Who will help me bake the bread?"
       "Not I," said the goose.
       "Not I," said the ox.
       "Not I," said the pig.
       "Then I will do it myself," said the little red hen, but she began wonder if the three of them were true friends.
       All the same, when the bread was baked and smelled delicious, the little red hen asked, "Who will help me eat the fresh tasty bread?"
       "I will!" said the goose.
       "I will!" said the ox.
       "I will!" said the pig.
       They all would help her that way!
       "I am quite sure you would, but listen to this: I found the wheat. I planted the wheat. I tended the wheat. I harvested the wheat. I took the wheat to be ground into flour. And I made the bread.
       All these things I did by myself. Now my chickens and I will eat the bread all by ourselves!"
       And that was exactly what she did. "Cluck! Cluck!" She called her chickens to help her. They came and eagerly ate the bread with her. There was nothing left for the others.

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