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Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Narrative Text : The Clever Weaver #2

The Clever Weaver #2

As soon as the envoy had left the hall, the king beckoned to the weaver.
       "You alone seem to have guessed the riddle," said he, "and you will be handsomely rewarded. But tell me, what did it mean?"
       "The meaning, king," replied the weaver, "is this:
       The circle drawn by the envoy round your throne is the message of the emperor, and signifies, "If I send an army and surround your capital, will you lay down your arms?" The knuckle-bones which I placed before him told him, "You are but children compared to us. Toys like these are the only playthings you are fit for." The millet that he scattered was an emblem of the number of soldiers that his master can bring into the field; but by the hen which ate up the seed he understood that one of our men could destroy a host of theirs."
       "I don't think the emperor will declare war," he added.
       "You have saved me and my honour," said the king, "and wealth and glory shall be heaped on you. Name your reward, and you shall have it, even up to the half of my kingdom."
       "All I ask is the small farm outside the city gates as a marriage portion for my daughter, sir," said the weaver, and it was all he would accept. "But please remember that weavers also are of value, and sometimes as clever as ministers, if not more so."

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