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Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Narrative Text : The Legend of Karimunjava Island

The Legend of  Karimunjava Island

Once upon a time in Muria mountain, there lived the family of Sunan Muria. Amir Hasan or called as Sunan Nyamplungan is the son of Sunan Muria.

He was very spoiled by his mother. Because of that, he became a naughty boy.

Then his father, Sunan Muria asked him to study in Kudus. he studied Islamic religion to his uncle, Sunan Kudus. After some time, he became an obedient young man. Sunan Muria was very proud of him.

One day, Sunan Muria asked Amir Hasan to go to somewhere to spread Islamic religion. His father asked him to go to an island that could be seen from Muria mountain. It was on the west - north of Jepara. This island seemed to be fade (kremun-kremun in javanese). And from that time, people called the island as Karimunjava island.
Amir Hasan followed by his mate went to Karimunjava island. They sailed to the island day and night and finally they reached the island. Then they did what his father said. Amir Hasan and his people lived in the island ever after.

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